Miss Lis 2800 HP / 26.5 Ton BP
EPA Tier 1 Certified


Year Built: 1982
By: Marine Power & Equipment, Seattle, WA
Official #: 647237
IMO #: 8424836
Radio Call Sign: WDC8673


Main Engines: 2 x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTA
Horsepower: 2800 HP
Marine Gears: 2 x Reintjes WAF-562; 4.5:1
Propellers: 2 x stainless steel Bird-Johnson;
Diameter: 62 ¼”;    Pitch : 77”
Nauticans set in Kort Nozzles
Rudders: Nautican triple blade system
Tug has shaft brakes

Towing Equipment:

Winch: National single drum holding 2200’ of 13⁄4″ (44mm) wire
Towing Hawser: 600’ of Samson SSR 1200 Towing Gear: towing shackles, wire bridles,
portable running lights Pneumatic Norman Pins and Stern Roller
Bow winch for barge handling

Radio, Navigation, etc:

Equipped with modern electronics & alarm system with remote annunciator panel in wheelhouse; Rosepoint electronic charting; Xenon search light;  Iridium satellite phone and email

Salvage Gear: Diesel trash pump, 2-man hookah dive set & gear, portable welder


LOA: 80 ft
Breadth: 28.3 ft
Draft loaded: 9 ft
Draft light: 6 1⁄2 ft
GRT: 147 tons
NRT: 101 tons
Range: 25 days towing / 60 days utility work Berthing: 4 cabins, 6 berths


Diesel: 40,000 gal or 130 MT
Lube Oil: 350 gal
Hydraulic Oil: 350 gal
Waste Oil: 1,750 gal
Potable water: 5,200 gal

Anchor: 1000 lbs with 5 shots of 1 stud link chain, able to anchor tug and small tow

Firefighting: Fixed Halon 1301 system for machinery space with remote activation, delay and alarm

Complete engine room repower: May 2007

Upper pilot house w/ 35’ ht. of eye and repeating electronics. Tug was purpose-built for coastwise towing in the Bering Sea of Alaska, and  hull is designed to be able to set on soft sand or mud.

U.S. flag / Jones Act towing vessel